The Science of Protandim Nrf2

Ok, the science is not what immediately drew me to Protandim. The results did that. But once I had the success that I did, and I saw the success that others were having, I wanted to know how and why it had worked. I wanted to convince myself that it wasn’t just the placebo effect as some of my friends were suggesting so I went in search of the science.

And of course, for many people, the science does matter. Thankfully there are published papers and a lot of research around Nrf2 and Protandim available for anybody who wants to validate the effectiveness of these products.

Nrf2 has been studied and verified in the laboratories of respected universities all around the world.

The fact that Nrf2 reduces oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days is not debatable. It is a fact. And the best part is that this research has been done by third parties: scientists and doctors outside of the LifeVantage company who have researched and published many peer-reviewed papers on the effectiveness of Nrf2 on peoples health and wellness!

I love that! Look at some of those names – Harvard, The American Heart Association, The National Institute of Health. No big Pharma paying for research that is swayed in their favour, but true science that we can trust.

There are also 26 papers published on, which is the US national library of medicine, which validate various claims made by LifeVantage about Protandim

So now that you know you can trust the science that I am putting in front of you, the next step in your journey is to understand how that science effects you!

There are heaps and heaps of videos on YouTube of people sharing their stories and medical specialists sharing their findings on Nrf2 so to make it easier for you, I have compiled a few of my favourites here below.

Watch as Doctors, Cardiologists, Naturopaths, Paediatricians and other health professionals sing the praises of Nrf2.

Dr Maniscalco – Cardiologist

Listen to the simplest explanation of NRF2 and why Dr Maniscalco recommends it to all his patients.

Dr Sanjay Gupta – Chief Medical Correspondent CNN

This book by Dr Sanjay Gupta highlights Dr McCords research and formulation of Protandim Nrf2 over the last 40 years. Click the image to read an excerpt of what he had to say about ageing, disease and Protandim Nrf2! This, in my opinion is a really good read!

Research about Protandim Nrf2

Dr Neil Goodman – Chief Paediatrician

Dr Goodman specialises in Adolescent Medicine. Listen as he explains how Protandim Nrf2 works.

Dr Angela Pascoe – Chiropractic Doctor

Dr Pascoe explains why she recommends Protandim to her patients. 

Dr. Deborah Doster Viglione – Internal Medicine Specialist 

Dr Doster Viglione is from Gulf Breeze, Florida, and has more than 30 years experience. Listen to her interview on anti ageing and integrative medicine.

In the words of Doctor Maniscalco …

Everyone on the planet should be taking Protandim!

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