School Resources. What do you want?

school resources

I have taught many different year levels in different settings and one thing never changes… the hunt for amazing school resources.

As a teacher I subscribed to Twinkl – a UK based online school resource site.  It is amazing and puts unit related Power Points, worksheets and printable activities instantly at your fingertips.  You’ll need to pay an annual subscription to access the download links but if you’re in a classroom this resource can be a life saver.

I’ve also used Teachers pay Teachers for many of my school resources.  This is an online treasure trove of teacher created downloadable resources.  Although there are a few freebies on there, most of the good stuff you’ll need to pay for.

When I was homeschooling my girls I found it really time consuming searching YouTube and the internet for suitable educational media to use with them.  There really is some great stuff out there but it just takes so much time to find.

Now, as I teach children with disabilities, I am constantly on the lookout for affordable games and activities that suit my students and their abilities.  Often, I have resorted to making my own.

This made me think that there might be some homeschoolers or Special School Teachers out there who are desperate for specific resources but do not have the time for endless research, the finances to purchase or the knowledge to create the school resources that they need!

So, in the spirit of giving, and while I have a bit of time, I would love to make some school resources that will be of value to you.

I would love to create a space to share some free school resources that I have made or discovered that could be useful to you in your teaching.  This idea is still in the work in progress box so please bear with me as the site grows and evolves.  

If you’re interested, please take the time to comment below: you’ll need to be quite specific as to what you are after, and I will do my best to create what you need.  Obviously, I am no genie in a bottle and, depending on requests, I may not get to everybody 🙂 but I’ll do my best.

In the meantime, here’s a Freebie to get you started.

My colleague discovered this book called Have you filled a bucket today?  It’s a beautiful book about being kind and making people happy and it refers to our emotional tank as our bucket.  

You can watch a YouTube reading of the book here.

This idea started a movement in our classrooms.  

Everybody wanted to be a bucket filler 🙂  

The story talks about each of us carrying an invisible bucket all the time but, if you’ve taught young children, or children with disabilities, you may understand our need for a visual representation of our buckets.

So I created some sad looking, empty buckets just waiting to be filled by kind gestures and gentle words in our classrooms.  My class has six students so I printed one bucket per student but, depending on your class size, you could use a bucket for a table, group or for particular students. 

Simply print and laminate the buckets and the happy hearts.  Cut out the hearts and use sticky velcro dots to attach them to the buckets.

We started our students off with half filled buckets.  This way the buckets could be a visual representation of them when they were being bucket fillers or bucket dippers.

Bucket filling behaviour management
Bucket Filling Behaviour Management

And in case you needed a little motivational poster to place alongside your buckets.. 

Behaviour Management School Resources

Just so you know, I’m a little excited as this is the first time I have shared a downloadable link.  Whew… lots of learning took place today 🙂  Saying a little prayer that it all works!!

I can’t wait to hear your requests.

Happy teaching.

X Fay