Nrf2 Activation and its impact on Sports?

Nrf2 and Sports

I was lucky enough to attend a talk on Nrf2 activation by a couple of medical practitioners last week. One of them, Dr Hendry, a Chiropractor here in Queensland, was particularly interesting an he spoke on Nrf2 activation and its impact on sports.

He placed in the Top 10 in the World Triathlon Championships a few years ago and he explained how he would spend over $300 a month, back then, on injecting himself with vitamin C and B to aid in his recovery after training or racing.

Now what I didn’t know was that sportsmen and women generally don’t take drugs to enhance their performance on race day. They take drugs in order to recover quicker so that they can train harder, sooner.

He said “quick recovery is critical to athletes and sportsmen who need to train hard to improve or maintain performance”.

Dr Hendry explained how exercise actually causes damage to our bodies. During exercise we breathe harder and faster which elevates aerobic metabolism, which in turn increases the production of killer molecules known as free radicals. 

It’s ironic, but it’s true. Exercise is so good for us in so many ways but it also increases the amount of free radicles in our bodies.

A free radical is a molecule that’s missing an electron in its outermost orbit. Like most things in nature, it seeks to remain neutral so it bumps up against healthy cells in your body and steals electrons from them. This process leaves the once healthy cell, damaged and mutated and we call this oxidative stress.

Unfortunately the process doesn’t stop after damaging the first cell. This newly damaged molecule is now missing an electron and becomes a free radical itself. Each free radical that is created steals electrons from healthy molecules to form new free radicals, thus creating a chain reaction that damages thousands of cells along its path.

Imagine that, every time you breath, free radicals are formed. And when you exercise, and breath faster and harder you make even more of these damaging molecules!

So as Dr Hendry stated, it is really important to manage the increased free radical production and the oxidative stress that it induces in order for our bodies to recover and ultimately perform better.

The good news is that we know of three substances; glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase, that can effectively render free radicles harmless

These substances are known as antioxidants. They work as free radical scavengers, by seeking out free radicals and donating the electrons needed to neutralise them. The antioxidants quench their need to search out and destroy healthy cells.  

So how do we get these super antioxidants!

Well, there is a heap of research on Protandim Nrf2 and its ability to switch on your bodies antioxidant producing factory. Your body can make these antioxidants which are a million times (yes, 1 000 000 x) stronger than the ones you can consume through blueberries or broccoli or any other food or supplement.

Protandim Nrf2 is an activator. A small, all natural, herbal tablet that you take once a day that is proven to increase your antioxidant levels. In fact there is research to prove that Nrf2 will increase your Glutathione by 300%!

This is why Dr Hendry sang the praises of Protandim Nrf2 activation and its impact on sports. Being a medical professional, he did his research and he was adamant that had he been taking Protandim back in his racing days, he would have been able to shave off those precious seconds that kept him off the podium!

Had he been racing today he would have been spending a mere $59 a month to reduce his oxidative stress, recover quicker and ultimately perform better.

Protandim Nrf2 has been scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress by a whopping 40% in 30 days. And the longer you are on it, the higher that percentage climbs. Watch the videos below where athletes and sportsman share about their experiences with Protandim and their sporting careers and successes!

Its truly an exciting time to be alive!

At home with fay

PS Order your Protandim Nrf2 here, or get in touch if you’ve got questions? I’d love to help you. x

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