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Sick and tired of being sick and tired! You want products that work! Clean products that don’t wreck havoc on your body or the environment! Yay! you’ve found what you’re looking for with LifeVantage products.

LifeVantage’s Nrf2 activated products are the revolution in health care.

With LifeVantage and Protandim Nrf2 you can start using nutrition and naturally occurring compounds to achieve a healthier and potentially longer life!

Protandim Nrf2 is one of LifeVantage Products


This is the product that I want to sing and dance about. In the words of Dr Maniscalco “Everyone on the planet should be taking Protandim Nrf2. It enhances the body’s natural defences to help make its own antioxidants and achieve optimal cellular health.

This is the product I started on and within 5 weeks I had incredible results.

Comprised of natural plant ingredients, Protandim Nrf2 is a patented, science-based formula that has been researched, tested and published by renowned research institutions.

When the Nrf2 pathway is activated it turns on the production of antioxidant enzymes such as Catalase, Glutathione Peroxidase and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). These antioxidant enzymes are powerful enough to neutralise millions of free radicals and proves to be far more effective in combating ageing and disease than diet or vitamin supplements.

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Protandim Nrf1 Synergiser

Protandim Nrf1 is a LifeVantage Product

Nrf1 is the sister product to Nrf2. It boosts mitochondria production and their ability to network. If you’re familiar with mitochondrial disfunction and the havoc that it wrecks in the body you will know how important this is to our cells.

For optimal results Nrf1 and Nrf2 should be taken together.

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LifeVantage Products TrueScience NRF2 for your skin

Ok, so here’s my confession. I have always been a soap and water girl. I have never spent heaps on my skin and would not know where to start in the Myer skin care section. But a few months after starting on my Nrf2 tablets I realised that what I was doing for my internal cells, I could be doing for my external cells, my skin.


  • Mitigates visible effects of skin damage caused by oxidative stress
  • Steps up skin’s own protective barriers
  • Provides protection against environmental assaults on skin
  • Counterbalances the visible negative effects of sun related damage

This system feels sooo good! It has a citrus smell and feels amazing on my skin. I know it sounds strange but over the last month or so I have come to relish the evening ritual of washing and moisturising my face. I can’t wait to share my own before and after photos in a few months time but for now, check out some of these results from people who have been activating their skin for a bit longer than me.

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TrueScience Haircare

EDITED 27th Oct 2019 – My own skin after 7 weeks of using TrueScience skincare. Its hard to get the lighting exactly the same (I tried :)but I think you’ll agree that the lines around my eyes are visibly reduced and the brown sun blemishes on my cheeks are fading. Yay!!

My TrueScience skin care results

Edited January 2020 – Another update on my own journey with TrueScience Skin Care! Just look… I’m so thankful that I found this !!

TrueScience Skin Care
TrueScience Hair care

Its NRF2 for your hair. Healthier, shinier, fuller-looking hair starts at the scalp. The more you protect and nourish it, the better the results. It’s formulated with Nrf2 ingredients and a combination of patented ingredients, including Hairgenyl®, Apiscalp™, and Lanatellis® to provide the nourishment and protection your scalp needs to stand up to environmental elements. It’s clean. It’s powerful. And it works on any hair and skin type.

Just look at the results achieved from people using True Science Hair Care.

TrueScience Hair Care
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All LifeVantage products are clean, so no nasty toxins adding to your chemical load, and affordable when compared with products of similar standing from salons and beauticians.

LifeVantage makes it possible to feed our cells from the inside and the outside with amazing results.

At home with fay

Disclaimer: The photos in this post are not necessarily representative of every person using these products. Results are typical to each individual and will be different from person to person.