Branding! Does your audience recognise your brand?


You know how when you see the big, yellow M, or the red headed clown, you don’t have to think about it, you just know it’s Macdonalds? Or when you see Colonel Sanders with his red and white striped bucket you can almost smell the fried chicken?  That’s branding! 

It would be weird to suddenly see a big, green M.  You probably wouldn’t even associate it with Macca’s! 

A few weeks ago my heart sank as I realised that the fonts and images I had chosen for my site were all random! I did not have any recognisable features on my little blog that made me memorable as At Home With Fay! Not a hint of my brand in sight!  I wanted to shed a little tear! 

I had spent hours setting up photo’s and editing them!

Hours creating blog feature images, titles and social media posts only to realise that I had not taken branding into account at all.  

This was a big mistake!  And after a few searches of some of my favourite bloggers, I realised that most successful bloggers are easily recognisable by their brand!

I have to say that it was daunting just thinking about starting all over again.  Agghh! All that wasted time! But, I knew I had to do this thing properly so I got to it. And once it was done, I was thrilled!  

The outcome was even better than I had expected!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret though! I discovered something that halved the time it took me to make the feature images in the first place.  And they were better and a whole lot easier to produce.

I signed up with Stencil.  

Best. Thing!

Stencil is an amazing tool to quickly create eye catching images.  Feature images, Pinterest or Instagram posts are all created in minutes with hundreds of stock photos, fonts and perfectly sized canvas’s for promoting your blog on any social platform.

Stencil will save you hours and I wish I had known about it from the start!

So …lucky you!!  I hope you’re reading this at the perfect moment… before you’ve gone to too much trouble creating your blog or website!

If you’re ready to brand your blog here are my suggestions:

  • Pick your colours.  Two or three co-ordinating colours that you can use throughout your blog.  Make sure they are colours you love! You will be using these everywhere!  In Stencil you can save your colour palette right within the text editing tool box.  Easy as!
  • Pick three or four fonts.  Contrasting and yet co-ordinating fonts that you will use over and over again.  In your headings, on your feature images and in your social media posts!  When somebody sees this font you want them to immediately think of your brand!  It is possible to upload your own fonts to Stencil, however, they have a huge range so you may not even need to!
  • This last one is not essential, but I decided to pick a style that I would carry through all my posts and social media images.  If you take a look at my page, you will see that I chose a big, creamy-coloured circle to be on the right side of all my posts.  My titles are always within this circle.  

Once you’ve created these images it’s simple to just download them, save them to your photo gallery and then upload them to whichever social media platform or blog that you’re using.  

Seriously, this app will transform your blog and simplify your processes! It did mine!

 So, what does your blog look like?  Have you followed these simple branding ideas? Have you seen a blog where these ideas have been implemented and it looks amazing?

Leave a comment below and link to your site!  I’d love to see your branding in action!

Happy Blogging

x Fay

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