At Loves Bidding – A Book Review

At Loves Bidding
At Loves Bidding was one of those books that I picked up at a book sale.  I had never heard of the author but it looked kind of Danielle Steel -ish.  Perfect for a quick easy read over the school holidays.

I stuck it on the shelf and promptly forgot about it, until last week.  School Holidays! Yay! Got to love being a school teacher!

And I wasn’t wrong.  This book was an easy read.   A perfect love story for anybody wanting a bit of light holiday reading.

Miranda Wimplegate accompanies her ageing grandfather to the Missouri Ozarks to find a misplaced painting that is worth a small fortune.  They hop on a train expecting a quick recovery trip but instead she finds herself far removed from her life of luxury, auctioning cattle instead of priceless antiques.

At Loves Bidding has a villain and a handsome, rugged rescuer, a love triangle and a twist at the end.  And it has a Christian flavour so great reading for young teenage girls and older ladies alike.

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X Fay

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