5 Surefire Ways to Live Better for Longer!

5 Surefire ways to live longer

This morning I received a video in my messenger app about the Corona Virus. As I watched it, I could feel my fear rising. I had to consciously stop myself from getting on the Google train to find out how many more people had contracted the virus and how many countries were putting action plans in place to stop its spread! So, instead of letting my panic get the better of me I quickly put my sensible hat on and gave it some thought. There’s nothing like the fear of death to help us focus on healthy lifestyles and what we can do to live longer!

So, as the Corona Virus fear spreads around the world and conspiracy theories abound, I thought it a good time to focus on what we can do to protect ourselves and our families from any disease and illness that hits the streets, including the Corona Virus.

Because, while there are a lot of things out of our control, like freedom of speech in China and the spread of disease through wet markets and scientific labs, there are some things we can control.

We have much more control over our individual health than we allow ourselves to believe and the choices we make can change the quality and quantity of our years here on earth.

Here are my 5 surefire ways to beat illness and to live longer! We all want to be healthy. We all want to make sure our bodies are in top form with powerful immune systems that will give us a fighting chance against any disease or virus that we may be exposed to while we are out and about living our lives… and it may just be simpler than you think!

1. A Healthy Diet

It goes without saying that a diet of Maccas and soda is not going to build your immune system. We need to make sure that we are getting the healthy dose of vitamins and minerals that daily fruits and vegetables provide. Scientific research shows that if you regularly eat lots of fruits and vegetables you have a lower risk of disease.

2. LifeStyle Choices

Your lifestyle choices may have a huge impact on your immune system. If you choose to smoke cigarettes or binge drink alcohol you better believe your immune system is taking a tumble! Microbes living in your intestines play an important role in fighting disease but when you drink alcohol you damage the tiny, nutrient absorbing cells that line your gut. As alcohol disrupts the gut barrier it also allows more bacteria to pass into the blood and significantly impairs the function of our immune cells.

Although there appears to be no hard scientific evidence that exercise improves our immune systems these are a few good theories out there that make sense to me. Exercise slows down the release of stress hormones and we all know that in todays stressed out world – stress hormones cause disease!

Exercise may help flush bacteria from our airways and lungs reducing the chances of infection. The rise in body temperature after exercise may prevent bacteria growth (like having a fever) and subsequently help your body fight infection.

Studies have shown that people who follow a moderately energetic lifestyle and actually enjoy their exercise are more likely to remain consistent and thus benefit most. So go for a walk, ride your bike with the kids, play tennis but just get out there and get active.

3. Engage in your Community

Harvard University began a study in 1938 to identify predictors of healthy ageing The most powerful finding in this 80 year study was that good relationships keep us happier and thus healthier. They found a direct correlation between being more socially connected to family, friends and their communities and being physically healthier, happy and living longer. It might be a great idea to get out on the front lawn and chat to your neighbour, join your local art or sports club and make friends. It’s fun and it’s healthy!

4. Activate you Body and Change your Genetics!

Nope, this is not something out of a sci-fi movie or my wild imagination – changing our genetic expression is the new way that people are taking their health into their own hands. Science has discovered a way to regulate our gene expression in a way that boosts our survival genes and sets us free from the history of disease our families may have suffered before us.

Activation is disrupting the supplement world as we learn that our bodies have the ability to create our own super antioxidants and enzymes that fight disease more effectively.

There are pathways in our cells, we all have them, that begin to slow down and eventually stop working as we age. It’s the reason a child can sprain their ankle and within days be running around again and yet, from around the age of 30 we may take weeks or months to heal from a similar sprain.

The great news is that we can flip that switch. A biotech company called LifeVantage has discovered that, with a combination of certain herbs, we can change our genetic tuning and turn the production of these antioxidants back on.

Antioxidants have the ability to destroy free radicles and thus protect the structural integrity of cells and tissues in our bodies. Our own immune systems are boosted and we are better positioned to fight off infection and disease. (Read : Corona Virus!)

5 surefire ways to live longer

5. Intermittent Fasting

This last point is a rather new concept to me and one I started exploring about a year ago. My beautiful teachers aide at work lent me a book called The Fast Diet which intrigued me. The theory is that when our bodies are processing our food they are working on that.. our cells are busy digesting and absorbing nutrients, however when we fast, we give our cells the chance to work on repairing and maintaining themselves. Our survival genes can kick in and focus on keeping us healthy.

Now this way of eating is certainly not for everyone but, in all honesty it has become a way of life for me and its the first diet / eating plan that I have ever been able to stick to. It’s been nearly a year since I have followed the 16/8 way of eating and I don’t ever feel like I am missing out or that I am terribly hungry, because I only have to wait a few short hours and I can eat again. Of course, knowing the benefits for me and my body is a huge motivator too.

So there you go… 5 surefire ways to beat Corona Virus and to live longer! And if we can live longer and better and enjoy quality, healthy lives at the same time then why wouldn’t you follow these 5 super easy steps.

If you have questions or you just want to chat, leave me a comment below or send me a message. I read every message and I promise to reply.

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