5 Successful Bloggers You’ll Want to Learn From

BloggersHow do you stay motivated to keep blogging?  Or even if you’re highly motivated, how do you find the time?

I’m trying to juggle work and family and housekeeping and exercise and still find time to blog regularly and I’ll be honest, it’s a struggle!

Keeping motivated, and motivated to make the time is essential and the one way that I have found is by following other bloggers!

Seeing how they do things and analysing their emails and blog posts has been a great help and I thought I would share with you the 5 bloggers that I have been following to keep me motivated.

These are 5 successful bloggers you’ll want to learn from.

I have put together this list of 5 successful bloggers that you will want to learn from! I have found them inspirational.  Most started out simply as bloggers and then when they were crazy successful, they decided to share their  blogging journey.  Some offer free courses on building your website, or growing your email list or how to use Pinterest to get followers.  Seriously, there is some fantastic free information out there.

The 5 successful bloggers that I have listed below are all full time bloggers.   All make their living solely by blogging and hopefully we can learn from them and they can help us grow our blogs too!

  1. Ruth Soukup – Living Well Spending Less
  2. Rosmarie Groner –  The Busy Budgeter
  3. Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income
  4. Melyssa Griffin – MelyssaGriffin
  5. Bob Lotich – Seedtime

That last one, Seedtime, is probably my favourite.  I’m not sure if he is quite as big as some of the others but I love that he is completely and utterly committed to God and that giving back is so important to him.  His take on tithing his age as a percentage is mindblowing.  But I digress, Bob also shares his blogging journey and how he makes a full time income from his blog.  Fascinating reading.

So, in the spirit of positivity, and as a record of my journey ,this is my position at the present moment: I have a heap of blog posts published and a good few more still sitting in draft form.  I have been working on my images and experimenting with fonts and formats for social media.  I had a brain wave a few days ago for a give-away that I want to create for my readers.  I’m still figuring it out, but in my head – its gorgeous and its going to be oh-so-useful for people just trying to cement their Bible reading habit!

I still haven’t actually shared this blog with anybody but I’m feeling like it might happen soon.  Not today. Or tomorrow. But soon.  And that’s a whole lot better then never.  Which is how I felt a week or two ago 🙂

If you’re reading this and you’re starting out as a blogger, like me, comment below and let me know what keeps you motivated?  What drives you to keep pushing? And if you’re braver than me, share your blog and I’ll be sure to pop over and say hello.

Till next time,

Happy Blogging

X Fay