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Have you ever heard of Nrf2 and Biohacking? If you’re into living a life of abundance, freeing yourself of toxins and getting that healthy life and body you so want, you’ve come to the right place. No matter how you found your way here, I’m so glad you did and I just know we’re going to become friends.

I don’t know about you, but I HATE getting sick. And even more than that, I HATE my family being sick!

What is Biohacking?

Over the last few years I have been on a journey to wellness. I lost my mum to cancer when I was young and, once I had children, it really hit home about how important my health is to me! I want to be around for them for a long time!

My journey started with learning about toxic cleaning products in our home, then looking at our personal care products, our foods and now, the most interesting and exciting, nutrigenomics, Nrf2 and biohacking.

Nutrigenomics? Nrf2 and Biohacking?

When I first heard these words, Nutrigenomics, Nrf2 and Biohacking, I was like… ummm no idea what that is?? But I was intrigued! The little I had heard made me very curious .. so I started researching.

The more I researched, the more I wanted to research, and what I found blew my mind. I became obsessed!

Curious? Keep reading 🙂

So, Nutrigenomics is the study of how foods affect our genes. Did you know that you have pathways in your cells that can be switched on and off with certain foods? This is the power of Nrf2 and Biohacking! So back in the day if your mum had a certain hereditary cancer or disease, you assumed that you had that gene and you sat back and waited to get the same disease. Not anymore! Because we can change our gene expression! We can change our health and what the future holds by simply supplementing our diets!

We can hack our biology with nutrients!

nrf2 and biohacking

My Story

In the beginning of 2019 I began experiencing some pains in my feet as well as muscle aches in my ankles and legs. I was going through the motions of blood tests, X – rays and ultra sounds to find out where the problem lay when I met with a friend who is in the medical field.

She introduced to the term ‘Biohacking’ and told me about Protandim.

I became a little obsessed and spent weeks researching, reading and watching video clips. Once I understood exactly what Biohacking was and that activating my cells with Protandim was a way to prevent future disease, I just knew I had found something pretty incredible.

After visiting the doctor the following week and being prescribed with medication that I wasn’t all too happy about taking, I decided to try Protandim first. I figured it was 5 natural herbs, which certainly couldn’t do any harm, so I had nothing really to lose.

Within 5 weeks I had results! And over the next 7 months I had other pain points and health issues that I had had for years resolve themselves. Issues I thought I would live with for the rest of my days.

I was amazed! Lying before me was a tablet that could change the future of my health and those that I love, as well as the opportunity to help other people Biohack their lives to healthier futures .. and it was so simple.

Disease had taken my mum and my gran from me and I could not help but think that if Biohacking was a thing back then… the outcome may have been different.

Start your own research journey!

So today I’m challenging you! Start your own research journey. You may have some health issues that you would love to see sorted, or you may be really interested in the preventative benefits. You may be an influencer and helping others with their health is something that you would love to do. Whatever your reason, I can only encourage you to research like I did.

As you navigate your way around this website you will see that I have done most of the hard work for you. It’s all here. The science, the research, the testimonials from doctors and naturopaths and customers, who have had their health and futures changed by this one little pill.

But don’t just trust me! We’re all on a journey, and with Google and YouTube, there is every opportunity to research and make a huge difference to the health and wellness of our families.

You owe it to yourself to invest a little time in finding out if this could change the future of your health and the health of those that you love. And once you’ve got your answers come back, connect, share your story, so that we can continue to help others find their healthy life too!

Go on.. start here.

PS The company, LifeVantage does not claim to cure, prevent or mitigate disease. We have a miracle body – not a miracle pill. When we activate our miracle bodies unbelievable things happen.