About this Christian blog…

Do you long for a more intimate relationship with Jesus?  Do you want to raise happy, God fearing children? Do you want a marriage to envy, a home filled with joy?  Do you want to solve world hunger and care for people across the nations?

Whether you’re just setting out on the road to eternity or you’ve been a Christian for many years, this blog is just for you!

I’m so glad you’re here.

We’re so alike, you and I.  And just like you, I’m juggling the roles of wife, mum, daughter, not to mention teacher, homemaker, chief cook and dishwasher!  I know some days it’s a struggle just to keep our heads above water and trying to find the time for God or Bible study amongst all the other important things clamouring for our attention can be hard! 

It can feel like we’re looking for Jesus in a world full of crazy!

I get it!  I really do! And so this blog was born out of a desire to sprinkle a bit of Jesus on every part of life.  I want to sprinkle Jesus in the midst of the busy and in the rare moments of quiet, in the kitchen and at my children’s bedside.

I want us to know Him and I want us to be accountable to living according to the principles that Jesus laid out in the Bible.  I want us to become all that He has intended for us to be and I know that His plan and His purposes are good!  So… in amongst the cooking and cleaning and parenting and teaching I want us to sprinkle a bit of Jesus :). No. Rephrase.

I want us to sprinkle a lot of Jesus!

Are you in?  Let’s commit our families to Him so that we can know that they are safe in His arms.  Let’s make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate than us.  Let’s join together as a community of women making a difference, in our own families and the world we live in..

Each trial or success that we encounter in life is a testimony to a life of purpose, and as Christian women, we need to share these experiences and cheer each other on.  I think sometimes we feel alone.  I know that I do.  And then I listen to a testimony or read a biography of somebody who has done amazing things for God.  Mostly these are ordinary, simple people who have changed a small corner of the world one step at a time.  It gives me hope and courage and a longing for the things of God.

So, come on, journey with me!

Let’s read the bible, and muse, and hope, and grow together.

Grab a coffee (or a hot chocolate, if you’re a sweet tooth like me) and look around.  I hope you find something to read that’s of interest to you, and then … subscribe, leave a comment or drop me a line.

We might become friends.

X Fay

PS I’m that girl that doesn’t read the instructions. 

I’d rather give things a go and be wrong, than just never try. 

I love to make things.  Sewing. Crafting. Creating school resources. Gardening.  It’s all therapy.

I’ve read that blogs should only focus on one subject.  Mmmmmm!  I’m just not sure that’s going to work for me. 

So, although this blog is ultimately to share my Christian journey, it’s about the things I love too.  Photography and my favourite books, homeschooling and parenting, home finance and everything in between.

I pray that you’ll find what you’re looking for here and that God might use this Christian blog to transform lives.  Yours and mine.

About this Christian blog…

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